The Master/The Sifu

The Project

Vincent Ng. Ip Man. Recent gold medal. Jet Li. Fighting Movies. Gymnastics. Words one can associate with wushu. But what is wushu exactly? And who practices it in Singapore? What does wushu look like today? Are films representative of this traditional art or are they glammed up, fake distortions? These are but some of the questions that The Tao of Fighting ( seeks to answer.


Apart from the incredible and sometimes deadly fighting moves that characterize all martial arts, most martial arts are characterized by Master-Disciple relationships. Wushu is no different. In this video, we interview Zhong Sifu, an experienced wushu instructor who trains students (both new and old) at a community centre. We asked him to tell us more about wushu as well as what it is like to be and become a Wushu Master.

Zhong Sifu of Wufang Singapore
Braddell Heights CC
Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation
The International Wushu Federation (IWUF)
Mountain Dew (

Photos and video taken by:
Tang Chee Seng and Aaron Chan

Narration by:
Aaron Chan


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